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  1. Community Support Forums Closing

    About 7 months ago now we announced our new licensing system where all new customers would recieve a license key for each product they purchase. This not only allows you to receive updates for our plugins, but it also gives you access to our Help Desk for support. As a courtesy to our existing customers…
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  2. Cow Launcher Challenge Winner

    Sadly the Cow Launcher Challenge is now over. We had some great contestants and some quite amazing scores. However there can only be one winner, so congratulations Michel van Krimpen (34,464m) a Developer license WordPress Plugin Bundle is heading your way.

  3. WordPress Plugin Updates

    Today we have pushed out a bunch of updates for three of our plugins taking them to version 2.3. Changes include: Nivo Slider / Showcase / carouFredSel [New] Option to enable links on images. Previously on by default [New] Option to open links in a new window [New] Option to select the size of image…
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  4. Open Source at Dev7studios


    Although the majority of our plugins are premium, here at Dev7studios we love open source software and collaborative development. Today we have put two of our free plugins on to Github to allow others to fork, improve or hack them. Github is especially well suited for maintaining WordPress plugins, as it makes it easy…
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