News and Discontinued Products

So there have been some changes around here recently. The whole site now runs on a secure HTTPS connection, making everything more secure. You can now upgrade your plugin license (via the Account page) if you signed up for an account at checkout. For example if you bought a Single license ($39) and want to…

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Startup WordPress Theme


Startup® WordPress Theme — The original and official WordPress theme for startups, takes an old-school approach to a new-school era. Learn why. Too long? Long story short, StartupWP is a company with integrity that doesn’t placate to the masses just to sell as many products as possible. Their bottom line is your bottom line, to…

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Pricing Changes

It’s been some time since we last reviewed our pricing structure (more than 18 months ago). As with all things, and especially in the software industry, things move on, change and mature. No one likes increased prices, however we decided it was time that we updated our pricing to be more inline with the rest…

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WPHunt – One Week Review

Last week we launched WPHunt, our attempt at creating a Producthunt-like site specifically for WordPress news and products. This week we thought we would share some of our experience and results with you now that WPHunt has been around for about ten days. Build time: 4 hours You might find it hard to believe that…

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Sellwire Acquired

We are pleased to announce that our Sellwire ecommerce web app has been acquired by our very own Iain. Initially Sellwire was a project we built for ourselves as we needed a sales platform for Dev7studios. However, for a few years now we haven’t been using Sellwire as we moved to using a pure WordPress…

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Announcing WPHunt


We like side projects here at Dev7studios, and we’ve just launched our latest effort WPHunt. WPHunt is a daily list of the most popular WordPress articles and news from around the globe, curated by the community. If you’ve ever used Hacker News or Producthunt you’ll know exactly how it works. People submit links of awesome…

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2014 Year in Review

2014 was another busy year at Dev7studios. Here are some of the things we got up to: We open sourced our free plugins Pico and our EDD – Discount Code Generator plugin was acquired We closed our community support forums and opened up our new Support Help Desk We launched the Nivo Lightbox WordPress plugin…

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Black Friday: Save 33% on any Dev7studios WordPress plugin


It’s Black Friday, a day that people will fight to buy stuff that they wouldn’t normally buy but they decide they need because its slightly cheaper. And who are we to get in the way of retail therapy after a filling Thanksgiving? So this weekend (until Tuesday, 2nd December 2014) you can get any Dev7studios…

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Announcing Dev7studios Memberships


For some time now we have offered the Dev7studios WordPress Plugin Bundle allowing you to purchase all of our plugins in a single bundle for a discounted price. While this has worked well in the past, recently we have been consistently adding to our portfolio of plugins and the price of the bundle was just…

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