Community Support Forums Closing

About 7 months ago now we announced our new licensing system where all new customers would recieve a license key for each product they purchase. This not only allows you to receive updates for our plugins, but it also gives you access to our Help Desk for support.

As a courtesy to our existing customers we continued to provide support for our v1.x plugins over on our Community Support Fourms. Sadly however the time has come to focus on the new versions of our plugins (v2.0+) and stop supporting our old v1.x plugins.

So as of 16th April 2014 the Community Support Fourms will be closed permanently.

What does this mean for me?

There are two possible options for our customers:

  1. If you bought a v1.x plugin (i.e. before 22nd August 2013) you will not have a license key, and will therefore not be able to access our Help Desk. In this case you must purchase a new license for your product to receive the latest version of the plugin and to gain access to updates and support.
  2. If you bought a v2.x plugin (i.e. after 22nd August 2013) you will already have a license key for your product (you can find this via the link in your receipt email) and nothing changes. You can still access support via the Help Desk until your license expires.

If you are unsure if you have a license key or have lost your receipt email please get in touch with us and we can help you out.

What about your free WordPress plugins?

You can get support for our free WordPress plugins via their pages or you can submit bugs to the Github issues pages:

What about your jQuery plugins?

We have never provided official support for our jQuery plugins but have always maintained community forums for them. This will no longer be the case. You can still submit issues for these plugins via their respective Github pages.


  1. msigley

    Man, way to alienate your user base. You plan on creating a new place for people to share their ideas and uses for your plugins?

    • Gilbert Pellegrom

      We don’t see it as alienating our user base. We see it as focusing our energy on our customers. The new structure allows us to combine all of our support into one location which saves time, effort and money which in turn makes for a better customer experience. If you want to share your ideas and uses for our plugins then you can do so on the pages (for our free WordPress plugins and jQuery plugins).

    • Ben Grieve

      Its not like the forums were being used all the time. I know for a fact that the WordPress Nivo Slider forum was neglected all the time and not many people were posting there in the first place. I finally got decent support when I re-purchased the Nivo Slider and filled out a support ticket. Tickets > forums.

  2. Melanie G. Adcock

    Seems like you are punishing the developers who have used your plugin the longest. Yes, I am one of those Pre-August 2013 developers. Pay another $99? Doubtful.

    • Gilbert Pellegrom

      We’re not trying to punish anyone. You can still use your product as is nothing will change in that respect. However we can’t provide support to everyone forever for just one payment, unfortunately it’s just not sustainable. For that model to work we need to find more new customers to be able to afford to support our old customers, who in turn need support and so we need even more new customers (and so it goes on). Hence the new licensing scheme with renewable licenses secures the future of our business by making it sustainable.


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