Control Emails in WordPress

Finally you can now tame emails in WordPress. The Custom Emails WordPress plugin allows you take complete control of how regular emails are sent out via your WordPress site. Easily change who the email is sent from, use a beautiful HTML template or even send from a third party email service like Amazon SES or Postmark.

Beautiful HTML Templates

The Custom Emails WordPress plugin comes with a collection of beautiful HTML templates to really add that professional edge to your WordPress site. Even if your clients are just resetting their password, the email they receive will now look stunning and professional. It’ll also work on a mobile device.

Email Service Integration

You may well be using WordPress as a web app or maybe you just need a bit more power and control over your email sending. The Custom Emails WordPress plugin allows you to easily integrate services like Amazon SES and Postmark to offload your transactional emails to their services.

Usual Awesomeness Built In

Not only do you get the amazing features above, but you get all the other awesome features that we bake in to our WordPress plugins to make the experience as nice as possible. These include automatic updates, a robust code base and hooks and filters for extensibility.